PSA For All Patriots Fans: Savor The Moment

tom-brady-bill-belichick-super-bowl-xlix-celebrationLook, I know I wrote a blog just a few days ago about how the whole ESPN story was a load of crap. It was. Like 90% of it seems either made up or exaggerated. But one thing that I’ve been thinking about all week is that we ARE in the twilight of this amazing, dynastic run.

And guess what? We should be! For anyone pointing to the Patriots and saying “hey look guys, the end is near,” well yea, we all knew it was coming. Our team has been doing this for 17 years now. The QB is 40 and the coach is like 65. While I believe they’ll be around a few more years, you never really know at this point. It doesn’t have to be some dramatic breakup, it could just be a slow and steady descent from the pinnacle to idk probably where other teams are at (seriously, if it is over what fan base wouldn’t trade places with us?).

After last year’s Super Bowl, I said that the Pats are now playing with house money. Any more titles are just gravy to me. So while I want desperately to get this one and maybe one more, I’m going to look at everything in a different light. Every Pats fan should.

Whether we have one more run after this or 4 more, tomorrow is the time to take a step back and appreciate everything. Watch the game and enjoy what we have left. Do that with every single Patriots game (especially playoffs) moving forward. It could all end in the blink of an eye so just make sure you don’t take it for granted while our team is still at the top of the mountain.


* I just watched a few hype videos, turned into playoff mode and then got really sentimental instead of jacked up.

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