Surprise, Surprise Kevin Durant Doesn’t Want To Be A Captain For The All Star Game


Around this time of year, NBA All Star talk gets going because besides the NFL playoffs, we don’t have much going on. Well this year, the All Star game is taking on a new format that to me, sounds really interesting. The two highest vote getters in each conference will be tabbed as captains of the two teams and they’ll have to draft a squad (I’m assuming this is going to televised. It NEEDS to be televised) from the pool of players voted in as starters and reserves. It’s somewhat similar to what the NHL and NFL tried. I have no clue if the NHL is still doing it but the NFL abandoned it for some reason.

Personally, I love this idea. In a league with so many feuds and so much drama, this can create even more. People have been talking about this since it was announced and speculating on how fun it would be to see LeBron or Kyrie stiff each other, or Russ and KD leave each other on the board. It’s gonna bring a lot of interest and I’m excited for it, but not everyone loves the idea.

Kevin Durant and his teammate Steph Curry are neck and neck for the Western Conference lead in votes and KD does not want to win out. “I don’t want to do it. I’d rather somebody else do it,” Durant told The Athletic. “It’s cool to be an All Star, but all the extra stuff…I just want to go play in the game,” he said. Durant would go on to praise the new format saying that it is “cool,” “different” and “creative,” but he’d also say it was for the fans. “But me, I’ll let somebody else pick the teams,” Durant concluded.

Why does this not surprise me? Kevin Durant does not want to be the leader of any squad and just wants to play second fiddle. He also is too scared of the drama and wants to fall back and go unnoticed even though he feeds into it by so many things he does. If I was him, I’d rather it be me picking the teams than say Russell Westbrook. He’s the most annoyingly soft superstar I’ve ever seen.

As far as Steph Curry goes, he wants to pick teams. He know’s that it’s a fun thing that everyone did as kids and if you were the one picking it meant you were the alpha.

It looks like it’ll be LeBron, Giannis or Kyrie picking squads in the East, so let’s all pray the Greek Freak falls off a bit because his picking wouldn’t include any beefs or vendettas driving it. Starters and captains will be revealed next week on the 18th, with reserves coming out on the 23rd.

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