Building Up Animosity Towards The Jags, Eagles and Vikings Is Going To Be Tough

usatsi_10542066_1920x1080_1136617539509Well, after what amounted to a great weekend of football (3 close games and a Pats blowout), our Final 4 is set. It’ll be New England, Jacksonville, Philadelphia and Minnesota. There are a lot of people laughing about the mismatches that are left between Brady and all of the other QBs, but my initial thought is more towards this just being a likable group that I’ll have a hard time building up hate towards.

Don’t get me wrong, after years of Patriots vs Everyone talk I can find a way to muster up the hate for any franchise out there. All I’m saying is that I would’ve liked to see Pittsburgh or somebody get through just so I could have the extra layer of my blood boiling.

When you’ve got Case Keenum and the Vikings, there is really nothing at all to be angry about. I was actually extremely happy for them last night despite the fact that they are the team that scares me the most.

Then you’ve got Nick Foles and the Eagles. If this was Carson Wentz and the Eagles, I’d be all set. I always hate the guy that beats Brady out for MVP and Wentz likely would’ve done it. I also hate the one team that has the better record and thinks they can take us and that likely would’ve been the Eagles. Now, with Wentz out they are just flat out irrelevant to me. I don’t like the Philly fans but the team itself is just very meh.

Lastly, we’ve got our opponent this week. So far, I don’t have anything to latch onto except for Allen Hurns being against Brady in DeflateGate but then again who really gives a shit about Allen Hurns? I know it’ll come because this week will just bring it on. It always does. Honestly, it may not even be the Jags who bring it on themselves either it just may be the media trying to talk them up.

I guess the Tom Coughlin being a “Patriot killer” storyline is going to wear thin. So will the whole thing about this defense having the mental makeup and the personnel to be a problem for us. Maybe Jalen Ramsey will shoot his mouth off (he already kinda did last night by saying they were going to the Super Bowl but that didn’t bug me a whole lot).

But anyway, all I’m saying is that comparatively, a team with a coach who says he wants to go home and eat a bologna sandwich after a win and this guy Jaguars Bortles Football

are tough to really get mad about. I know come the end of the week I’ll have ratcheted it up and I’ll be seeing red but it’s just a funny feeling to be in the playoffs, look around, and see 3 teams that don’t inspire a lot of feelings.


*It’s because these are all franchises that have been kicked to the ground so many times. We’re the bad guys and everyone else is going to have an easy time rooting because they’ll see the lovable underdogs having a 3/4 chance to win. Which will make it all the more sweet when the Pats just rip throats out.


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