R.I.P to the Steelers


Hey Mike Mitchell, hold that L.

I’m gonna be honest, this blog post lost a litttttle bit of juice because I waited on it. I was gonna slap it together at halftime of yesterday’s game just to be a jerk but then had visions of Blake Bortles and the Jaguars going full Jaguars and blowing the game. I mean, I never thought the Steelers were gonna win, but when the Jacksonville D starts to leak a little, Leonard Fournette gets banged up and you’ve got an explosive offense on the other side, there was reason to hold off.

It was a good call too because the Steelers didn’t get embarrassed like I would’ve wrote about. The offense actually played really well against “the league’s best defense.” It was just the worst display of defense and some gross coaching that ended up really losing the game. Well, those things and a level of cockiness that was unprecedented for a team that hasn’t proven shit.

So when it comes down to it, this looks like a real team killer to me. Losing at home, in this fashion? You gave up 45 points to BLAKE BORTLES!!! And I like Blake, but that’s something that can’t be accepted. I mean this team, every single player, coach and employee should be ashamed. The fans of Pittsburgh should be enraged as well.

But should they be that surprised? Well, I guess they should be about the final score, but not about the L. The Steelers do this every single year. They look good all season, they run their mouths and they get focused on one thing, which is the Patriots. Never mind that they got trashed by the Jags earlier this year, they didn’t care, they were still acting like Jacksonville was a walkover who didn’t deserve to even be thought about.

All of this comes from the top down too and I would be pulling my hair out if I was a Pitt fan. Mike Tomlin (who IS NOT A GOOD COACH PLEASE STOP ACTING LIKE HE IS) goes on national TV and just talks about the Pats. Mike Mitchell and Le’Veon Bell start guaranteeing wins, talking shit and thinking about contracts. Bud Dupree and the Pouncey brother (forget which one it is) stay focused on James Harrison.

Well guess who the Steelers probably shouldn’t have gotten rid of? Harrison. Now they get to watch their beloved franchise great go win with a real organization. And honestly, I think this crumbles Pitt once and for all. Big Ben reportedly will be back, but you never know with the rest of these clowns. Le’Veon Bell is threatening to sit out or retire. Martavis Bryant always seems to have a foot out the door. How much of the staff can really come back? Honestly, Tomlin should be axed as well (he won’t be).

But anyway, I guess they avoid the embarrassment of having to get beaten by the Pats for the millionth straight time. It’s sad honestly, that a team with so much talent just can’t come up with a big game when they need it. I’d go as far as to say this era of “The Killer B’s” might be the most overrated group I’ve ever seen. The next time they accomplish something impressive will be the first time.

Poor David DeCastro. The man heard all the chatter coming from his own brethren and knew that it was wrong. He knew that it would all come back to bite them in the ass but he couldn’t do anything about it. Maybe we can make a spot in Foxboro for him…


*I love Jalen Ramsey talking about how the Jags were quietly confident and then throwing shade saying he didn’t know why Pitt was confident after they had already gotten their asses beat earlier this season.


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