This Clippers-Rockets Debacle Is Why The NBA Is So Entertaining

usa_today_10546554.0If you don’t know by now, the Houston Rockets and the Los Angeles Clippers played a game last night at the Staples Center in LA and things got a little testy. Not only was it heated on the court, but things escalated after the game when former Clipper star Chris Paul led a group of Rockets through some sort of “secret tunnel that connects both locker rooms” to a “back door” to fight Austin Rivers and possibly Blake Griffin.

Apparently, as this was happening, the Rockets had also sent big man Clint Capela to the front door of the Clippers locker room to be some sort of distraction? And when, CP3 and the gang pushed their way in, Paul stepped back and out of the fight that I guess involved at least Trevor Ariza, James Harden (?), Gerald Green and Austin Rivers.

So first off, Austin Rivers totally deserves to get punched in the face. He was standing at the Clippers bench all game in street clothes and chirping away with his douchey looking facial hair and earrings. Honestly, I would find it hard to believe his own teammates, and maybe his own father, even like him.

Second, what’s the deal with all this talk of a secret tunnel that connects the home and away locker rooms? Is this just going to be overlooked? If someone said that existed in Gillette Stadium Bill Belichick and Tom Brady would be thrown in jail while the NFL would strip the Patriots of every win they’ve ever had. Seriously though, that’s a weird thing to have and some shady shit must go on over in LA for that to be necessary.

Then, how about Chris Paul just showing his teammates where to go but then bitching out of the fight? I guess it’s not all that surprising, he’s a little dude and the only shots he takes are at someone’s nuts while he’s running by. It’s also insane that James Harden is taking part in this melee, as you wouldn’t really take him for a scrapper. And Gerald Green? Bro, you signed with Houston like last week! That type of loyalty to go get involved already should earn him some kind of teammate award.

There is just so many moving parts to this story and this is why the NBA is awesome. I can’t even keep up with all of it and the drama is beautiful. The friggin’ LAPD was called. Somehow Patrick Beverley wasn’t involved in the fight. To top it all off, DeAndre Jordan apparently now wants to be traded FROM THE CLIPPERS TO THE ROCKETS! (Which is coming from Stephen A. so take that for what you will)

I can’t wait for these two teams to match up again because I love the grudges. It’s the best shit and it keeps sports exciting when the winter months get you down. Pretty soon, when the Super Bowl clock hits zeros, we’re gonna need this to keep going.


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