I Demand The NBA Televise The All Star Draft!

2157889318001_5714710232001_5714702579001-vsWhat the hell is going on? Is this a joke? C’mon Adam Silver, wake the hell up! The NBA is doing the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard (and that’s a longggg list) by not televising the All Star draft. We need it. Don’t want it. NEED it.

It makes no sense because the NBA, of all leagues, is about pure entertainment. Sometimes I feel like it’s a reality television show with all the drama and the characters and now we’re getting the juiciest part shut off on us. It’s like if the Bachelor told us 3 girls he was picking to sleep with and then we didn’t even get to see anything…wait, shit.

But seriously, we know the captains (LeBron and Steph) and we all love the new format idea. The thought of the guys getting to pick their squads and beef and pettiness coming into play is beautiful. I want to watch it play out. I need LeBron just flat out ignoring Kyrie and forcing Steph to pick him despite Steph already being his own team’s point guard. I need Steph showing his secret displeasure with having to play with KD every night by letting him go to LeBron’s team. I need KD whispering to LeBron, “hey man don’t pick Russ, he’s kind of a bully.” I need to see who is standing there awkwardly as they are picked last on national television!!!!

How did they miss this opportunity? Once they announce the starters and the reserves, the stage should be set for an hour-long broadcast on TNT where the two captains select their squads (and maybe even coaches), set their dunk contest and skills challenge lineups and make backhanded compliments/overtly aggressive statements at others.

I honestly thought this was happening and I was surprised to learn it wasn’t. I thought Silver was much smarter than this and I need him to get his shit together and run this next year. Make it fun.

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