Le’Veon Bell actually skipped the final walkthrough before the loss to the Jaguars


It seems like the drama surrounding the Pittsburgh Steelers never ends. Last week, I wrote about star running back Le’Veon Bell and how he was using his media availability before a playoff game to talk about his upcoming contract. Then, early this week after the Steelers were upset by the Jaguars on Sunday, I wrote about how they were dead because they were undisciplined and not focused on winning.

Now, at the end of a tumultuous week in which they were blasted everywhere for being cocky and stupid, news drops that Bell missed all but the last five minutes of the final walkthrough on Saturday before the game. Not only did he blow off practice, but he then showed up to the stadium on Sunday “much later than” two hours before kickoff, when Mike Tomlin has stated he wants all players and coaches in attendance by.

It seems to me, that Mike Tomlin is too much of a “player’s coach.” He lets these guys do as they please and they are taking advantage of him for it. Apparently one coach even decided not to adhere to the time policy on Sunday before a PLAYOFF game as well (how does that even happen on the road? how are you late coming from a hotel?). Add this to the list of the like 10 other instances this season that something seemed off and the Steelers gotta start thinking about firing Tomlin.

If I’m running that organization, I’m making some major changes. Maybe you clear the coaching staff (Haley had to go but he isn’t the only issue), or maybe you send a message to the players. Le’Veon Bell has to be kept in line or someone has to ask him just how much he gives a shit about being a winner and not a me-first asshole.

What’s sad is, this probably won’t cost Bell much money on the open market. He’s got immense talent and his name alone sells tickets. That’ll be enough for some idiot franchise but they better watch themselves. If Bell can’t even pretend to care when he’s looking to get paid, how is he gonna act once he does?

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