Did Philadelphia Win The Super Bowl Last Night? That’s What It Looked Like!

dixon-340441-e-wp-content-uploads-2018-01-RS996161_FANS22-mmCongratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles and their fans on the Super Bowl win! Last night got wild in the city of brotherly love and boy, did they deserve it! I’m so happy for the people of that terrible city and can’t wait for the parade and the banner ceremony!

Wait, the Eagles just won the NFC? That’s odd because that celebration going on all over Broad Street reallllly looked like a championship had been won. Who knows, maybe those idiots thought that was the final game? Bless their hearts.

Honestly, I know I sound like a hardo right now as I get on Philly for partying and enjoying the win. It’s easy for a Patriots fan to say “act like you’ve been there before” because we are literally in the Super Bowl like half the time. We were pumped about the win over Jacksonville yesterday and it is cause for happiness, no doubt. But there’s just a line between being really happy to be headed to the big game and acting like a loser.

In New England (and honestly, in any self respecting sports city) you should never buy a conference championship t-shirt. You shouldn’t honestly even hang a banner either. It’s not something to flip out about, and here is why. It’s so much better to win, be happy and then move on to the next until the job is done. That way, when you do finally get that Super Bowl victory, the celebration is just that much better. It’s joy and relief and everything that just comes pouring out because it’s been bottled up completely. All Philly did last night was prematurely let it go. Unsatisfying!

So I’m glad Philly had their fun last night and in all reality they probably got it outta the way because they know this won’t be happening again in two weeks. The “We Want Brady” chants were cute and the videos went viral as they burned that trashy city to the ground. But save the Gatorade bathes and the conference championship trophies for someone else because in New England, those things matter not.

*Also, Eagles fans look like the scummiest, douchiest bunch of people of all time. America might actually root for the Pats which would be the biggest indictment on the people of Philadelphia ever.

Just a small, small snippet of the action…

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