The Jaguars Are Complaining About The Officiating, May Actually Be Shedding Tears

aycb4393j9a01This really weird thing has been happening over the last couple of weeks. For some reason, Patriot haters around the country are onto this new conspiracy theory that the NFL and Roger Goodell are pulling the strings and making the Patriots get all the calls in games. Yea, that makes a LOT of sense.

Sure, Roger Goodell and the league, the same person and entity that tried to blow up the Patriots franchise, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are now in New England’s corner. That’s a WILD leap to make and quite the take to have. But that certainly isn’t stopping the idiot fans and media members from latching on to it and screaming about it today. Of course, Bob Ley and ESPN did a whole segment about it, Max Kellerman used it like it was the most factual thing in the world and Twitter has basically convinced itself that Roger Goodell and Tom Brady are now best friends.

The other people that are in on this, are the Jacksonville Jaguars players. Yes, they are complaining about the discrepancy in penalty yards and raising an eyebrow at the refs for celebrating with the Patriots (nope didn’t happen), and congratulating Tom Brady quickly after the game. That’s a real thing that is happening. Instead of looking in the mirror and realizing that they blew a game, got way too conservative and ended up falling into the same trap that almost every other team does against the Patriots, they are acting as if they were wronged.

It’s sad honestly, when a young and talented group like the one in Jacksonville just can’t take responsibility for not delivering when it matters most. Habits are hard to break and making a habit of making excuses does not bode well for the future of this franchise. If I didn’t know any better, I might say that they’ll revert back to a non-playoff team and they’ll get closer to the first pick in the draft than a Super Bowl in the next 10 years.

Only the worst kind of losers talk shit and then point to make believe conspiracies when they lose. I’ll just say I hope they wipe their tears (there were quite a few yesterday) and shut their mouths so that they can maybe strive to be more mentally tough and act more like professionals who get paid to finish a game and not turtle.

As for the fans and the media, I expect this. Most of them are either that stupid, or are just looking for attention.

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