The Giants have a new coach, and every reason in the world to root for New England.

The New York Football Giants *officially* have their new head coach. The Giants announced they have hired Vikings offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur to a 5-year contract to become the franchises 18th head coach. I really like this hire, and you should too.

Everything Shurmur touches turns to gold (yes, aside from the Cleveland Browns, but seriously, what do we expect?). Shurmur’s NFL coaching career began when he was the Philadelphia Eagles tight end and offensive line coach starting in 1999 where he molded Chad Lewis into a 3-time Pro Bowler. It was in 2002 that Shurmur was promoted to the teams Quarterbacks coach where he worked closely with Donovan McNabb who is the franchise’s best Quarterback of all time. In 2008, under Shurmur as his QB coach, McNabb set the Eagles single season records in completions (345), and passing yards (3,916). Shurmur’s football knowledge was beginning to get recognition around the league, because in 2009, Shurmur was named the Rams offensive coordinator (under Steve Spagnuolo). In his first year, he was a huge part of the Rams turning from a 1-15 team to a 7-9 teams, where they improved in nearly every offensive category, and scored 114 points more than the previous year. Also, many credit Shurmur for the massive success Sam Bradford has during his rookie season in 2010 where Sam set NFL rookie records for most consecutive passes without an interception (169), and most completions (354). Under Shurmur’s watch, Sam Bradford threw for 3,512 passing yards (60% completions), and 18 touchdown passes, in a year where Bradford won AP NFL Offensive Player of The Year.

Unfortunately, in 2011, Shurmur was named the Head Coach of the Browns, where in an impossible place to accomplish anything, he led 3rd-round pick Colt McCoy to his best season ever. Shurmur was fired after the 2012 season. Then in 2013, Shurmur accepted a job with the Philadelphia Eagles as their offensive coordinator. Working with their new head coach Chip Kelly, Shurmur helped run one of the most efficient offenses in the league. Shurmur’s offense set a ton of team records, including points (442), total net yards (6,676), touchdowns (53), passing yards (4,406) and fewest turnovers (19), all before eventually winning the NFC East. Also, the Eagles set an NFL record with 99 plays of 20+ yards. In 2015, Chip Kelly was fired, and Shurmur was named the interim head coach. He was not awarded the Eagles head coaching position, so then went to be the tight ends coach for the Minnesota Vikings, and later took over their offensive coordinator position, and kept it for 2017, where he turned Case Keenum into one of the best Quarterbacks in the league in 2017. Now, he is the New York Giants Head Coach. Working with Eli Manning, Odell Beckham Jr., Sterling Shepard and Evan Engram can be dangerous for anyone in the Giants way next season (if they fix the offensive line). Also, Shurmur has been credited with his work with young Quarterbacks, so if the Giants choose to go with Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen or Baker Mayfield with the #2 overall pick in this years draft, we should put all of our faith into Shurmur grooming him into our next franchise Quarterback once Eli is done, and if we don’t select a Quarterback, I trust him to get Davis Webb into that position. I am looking forward to moving past McAdoo Era and into Shurmur Era.

Next, I really don’t know why I even need to address this, but Giants Fans, there should be no discussion AT ALL, on who to root for in the Super Bowl. *IF* you are a real New York Football Giants Fan, there is simply no way you should, or really could, root for the Philadelphia Eagles to win their first Super Bowl. It would make me physically ill to see the Eagles win a Super Bowl, and I’m not even joking. An Eagles win would be a cherry on top to what was the most embarrassing season in franchise history, but I pray that doesn’t happen.

I get it, though. I get that mostly anyone outside of the New England area HATES Tom Brady and the Patriots. I really get it, between SpyGate and DeflateGate, why shouldn’t you want to take them down? But as a Giants fan, no matter how much that off the cheating bothers you, we beat them in the Super Bowl not once, but TWICE! The Eagles are our arch rivals and the fact that any Giants fan would root for the Eagles because they “hate Brady”, makes me question humanity. Tom Brady is very well the best Quarterback of all-time, and I think I am able to say it because I don’t hate him (only because we beat him twice). Every Giants fan should feel the same way. There is something special knowing that Eli Manning and the Giants are the only ones who could ever beat Brady and Belichick in the Super Bowl. There is something really special about it. For all I care, Brady can get two rings for winning this Super Bowl, but as a die hard New York Giants Fan, I don’t just want, I NEED the Eagles Trophy Case to remain empty, and you should too.

If you are a Giants “fan” and want Philly to win, please switch teams. I don’t think we should root for the Patriots to win, as much as we should root for the Eagles to lose. Go Giants.


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