Dan Gilbert Wants To Sell The Cavs, Sooo LeBron Is Gone

We’ve got some breaking news hitting the Twitter world right now and it’s that Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert wants to sell the team after this season. This comes courtesy of none other than the man himself, Stephen A. Smith (who I always question but whatever).

Obviously, if this is true, we have to do some connecting of dots. Once we do that, it’s pretty easy to come up with the conclusion that LeBron James is 100% leaving his city once again. It would be criminally stupid to sell a team if he was on it, so Gilbert must know what is coming.

Does this surprise me? No, not at all. I’ve long thought LeBron was headed out West once he hit free agency again this offseason. Now, with the Cavs imploding and everything in chaos, it seems the “King” has checked out completely and has his bags packed.

So the question to me is, do the Cavs trade LeBron? Probably not, but I’d love to see it. Regardless, the trade deadline, the rest of the season and the free agency period should be quality entertainment. We’ll get LeBron ditching The Mistake By The Lake once again, Isaiah Thomas patiently waiting for a Brinks truck that never shows up, Kevin Love going to join another super team that will accept him and JR Smith coming down from a high in October only to realize he’s still in Cleveland and only he, Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian are left.

*Imagine if Gilbert sells the team to someone who moves it to Seattle. And then they draft the next Jordan and win every title for the forseeable future. Cleveland would have to just blow itself up.

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