Vikings Fans Are Saying They Will Be Mean To Eagles Fans During Super Bowl Week. Uh Oh!

ows_151675063420632Well, despite the fact that the Minnesota Vikings got shellacked on Sunday night in Philadelphia, the Super Bowl will still be played in Minneapolis. Now normally, the team that came so close and then got their hearts ripped out and stomped on would be pretty upset, but having that compounded by still having to host the big game and seeing your enemy invade your city and your stadium while undoubtedly talking shit, is ten times worse.

Add to that the fact that Vikings fans now HATE Eagles fans because of the way they were treated in Philadelphia on Sunday and we’ve got a very awkward situation on our hands folks. So awkward and testy that these people of Minnesota are threatening to be very mean to Philly fans next week. There are Facebook groups being made about throwing things at all people wearing Eagles merch and there are rumors of Vikings fans becoming rogue Uber drivers to bring their foes to the wrong destinations. Diabolical!

Well, as much as I want the people of Minneapolis to rise up against the Philly trash, I know they won’t and this is a lot of tough talk. Midwesterners don’t have that mean gene and even if they intend on standing up to Eagles fans, they’ll probably huff and puff before bellowing out “hey, you’re a real…a real….JERK!” Then the scumbag Philly fan will most likely do that thing where someone fakes lunging at you before the person dressed in purple and yellow shrieks and flinches.

It’s sad, because I hate the people of Philly. They aren’t like every other fan base in that they have some pieces of shit, they are actually exclusively pieces of shit. Maybe Pats fans will help the nice midwesterners not get punked, or maybe those timid Vikings fans will just stay in their homes all week. That’s honestly probably the best idea for them.

*What will there be more of, videos of Philly-Masshole fights or videos of Vikings fans standing a safe distance away and yelling things at Eagles fans?

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