Quick Thoughts On Tom vs Time Episode 1

So Tom Brady’s documentary has been heavily anticipated and talked about for a few weeks now and today, episode 1 dropped on Facebook Watch. Here are my quick thoughts on what we saw…

  • Loved the inside access to Brady. We never see that stuff and even just seeing him walk around his house or talk to his kids was kinda neat.
  • When he pulled out the suspension letter he got from the league I gasped. I love that he keeps it and sits there smiling before looking at the camera and saying “thanks” to Roger Goodell. Mocking the league in a subtle way is sure to fire up any Pats fan.
  • We got a bit more from Alex Guerrero as was expected. There was a lot of footage of them training and doing the workouts that form the TB12 Method.
  • Seeing him in his backyard throwing the football and saying how most guys his age are aching doing this, but then saying “I can FIRE that motherfucker,” might’ve been the highlight of the whole thing.
  • He also gets in to how beat up he was getting back in ’03, ’04 and ’05, at a young age. Credits meeting Guerrero with helping him.
  • All of the soundbites of people doubting him or questioning his age are great, but the best is Max Kellerman. I love knowing that Brady knows about what Kellerman has said, even though Tom says he only needs his own motivation.
  • The end of the episode comes with the opening night loss to the Chiefs and footage of Brady and Gisele driving home. Brady is irate and Gisele, like any good Pats fan, knows it will all be great in time. (Also they are listening to Kanye)

There is certainly a lot of other great nuggets in the episode so make sure you go watch it for yourself.

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