The Milwaukee Brewers Are Going To Be A Sexy Playoff Pick In 2018

Lorenzo Cain goes back to the team that drafted him.Every single year, in every sport, there is a sexy pick. That’s a team that everyone and their mother likes at the beginning of the year and they are usually newly good.

It’s almost always a team that broke through in the offseason by making big moves, or it could be a team that started to put it all together the year before but wasn’t quite ready. So just to be clear, this team is never a real contender at the outset but more like a wildcard or a dark horse.

They go from being underrated to overrated in the blink of an eye and even if you think of them before they become “sexy” or “trendy,” you might decide against them once every starts jumping on the bandwagon and the hype is too high.

This year in the MLB, I’m thinking that sexy pick is going to be the Milwaukee Brewers. They fit a lot of the criteria.

  • Being likable and rather young always helps.
  • Being from a small market and being an underdog helps too.
  • They played way better than expected last year before ultimately falling short of the Cubs to reach the playoffs.
  • They have added key pieces this offseason and look to be trying to win.
  • They might not be done adding.

So, I’ve identified them out of all the teams as this year’s sexy pick. That means you’ll see them being taken by everyone to go to the playoffs. If they add more, like Jake Arrieta or Yu Darvish, I’ll GUARANTEE they are picked by at least one dumb sports writer to win it all.

Do I actually like them though? Can they reach the playoffs? Yes and Yes. BUT, I hate taking that #1, primary, everybody loves them, team. I’ll monitor how they finish the offseason but in all likelihood I’ll go against the grain and pick them to finish third, rather than overtake a Cubs team or a Cardinals team. My sexy pick (the #2, backup plan one) will remain a mystery for now.

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