Mark Wahlberg Doesn’t Care If The Patriots Lose To The Eagles Because Of Some Dumb Movie

New England Patriots vs Houston TexansWhy am I not surprised by this? Mark Wahlberg, the phoniest “Boston” guy besides Bill Simmons, told Rich Eisen on his podcast that he “would be fine” if the Eagles beat the Patriots. His reasoning? He played Vince Papale or whatever in that Disney movie about the Eagles walk-on.

Yea, that makes sense! You played a guy in a movie so that means you have to be a fan of that team right? Look, I don’t care if Mark Wahlberg actually does like the Eagles a little bit because he like met someone from Philly one time (that wouldn’t make sense though cause people from Philly are gross), but to go as far as to say you won’t mind if they beat you’re hometown team in a SUPER BOWL?!

Marky Mark should never be allowed in Gillette Stadium again. He bounced on the Super Bowl and I tried to look the other way but this is horseshit. He acts like he’s buddies with Brady and Kraft and the whole organization. He claims to be this GIANT fan. Well buddy, if you were even a regular sized fan you don’t say some PC culture, everyone should win, crap like this. No more being involved on Banner Drop night. No more getting field access. Stay in LA and keep making shitty movies and being comically short, New England and the Pats don’t want you.

*I can’t wait to see how he tries to spin this.

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