Thoughts On Tom vs Time Episode 2

tom-brady-black-and-whiteTom Brady’s documentary “Tom vs Time” dropped episode 2 on Sunday. Here are my quick thoughts on more of “Pats Porn.”

  • It starts off with the California local news clip from the 90’s with Dan Fouts interviewing a young Brady about his strengths and weaknesses. It then jumps to Tom now telling us the obvious “I’m not fast,” as he is shown running on the beach in California in shoulder pads and a helmet.
  • This one is called “The Mental Game” as opposed to Episode 1’s “The Psychical Game.”
  • Then we get a scene of Brady in July working out in California with Julian Edelman and his throwing coach, Tom House. It’s nuts to think he’s still perfecting his technique and it really shows his commitment even now, at age 40.
  • This scene gives us some good quotes such as Tom House saying “You don’t want to be taint. Either be ass or dick but nothing in between.” Well then. We also get Brady confirming to House that he needs to be perfect because he wants to do this until he is 45. Yipee! That’s like what, 4 more Super Bowls?
  • When Brady says “cut it loose” I get excited.
  • House says “Old age and treachery always overcomes youth and exuberance” and then says that Brady has “mastered as much or more than information than anyone in the history of football, and he’s still on the journey.” TELL ME HOW I’M SUPPOSED TO BELIEVE HE IS EVER RETIRING!
  • Ooops, another big quote in just this scene! Brady says he “had a mild orgasm” because he had a “major fucking breakthrough.” Then says he “doesn’t give a fuck” about age. Sorry for all the language, it’s them not me!
  • Then we go back to Massachusetts and hear a bunch of radio personalities and sports “experts” doubting him and the team early in this season. Brady sits at his laptop going over film with this cool clicker thing and talks about how much he likes looking at film. He clearly is a mastermind by the way he talks about all of this.
  • This all just kind of speaks to how Brady has seen it all and knows everything at this point. AGAIN, HOW CAN I THINK HE IS CLOSE TO DONE!?!?!?!?!
  • Then he looks back on the film of the ’01 Super Bowl and reminisces about how little he knew then. Happy memories turn to bad ones when he looks at film from the ’07 Super Bowl. He talks about how much the losses stick with him and you can literally see the pain on his face. Ugh. He says how he has a lot to learn still.
  • Then we see him look at some random ass play from a preseason game and call Josh McDaniels about it.
  • Then, funny enough it jumps to the Carolina game which the Patriots lost and it shows Brady and Cooks miss on a throw that definitely gets made now. It’s hilarious to me to see them show two of only three losses in the first two episodes. Brady is getting hit and people are upset. Especially Tom.
  • After the game he’s driving home talking to McDaniels on the phone and venting about how the team thinks they can just roll their helmets out and win. It’s interesting to see how he is postgame after losses besides the typical presser where he doesn’t say much.
  • Then he’s at his house doing a photoshoot for Maserati with his sons. He remarks on how his shoulder is hurting a bit. The whole time he’s talking in the background about how losses stay with him for days and it makes me feel great because I’m an idiot who isn’t even a part of the team and they ruin my week. I knew they bugged Tom but I just love hearing how much he cares.

Anyway, episode 3 is on tap for Tuesday.

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