Tom Brady Cuts Off His Weekly Interview On WEEI After Some Clown Disparages His 5 Year Old Daughter


It’s the biggest news story surrounding the Patriots on Monday of Super Bowl week! No it isn’t Brady’s hand, Gronk’s concussion or the “power struggle” going on at 1 Patriot Place. It’s that some nobody who works for WEEI named Alex Reimer decided it would be a good idea to go on-air and trash a 5-year old girl. I’d tell him to pick on someone his own size, but frankly Brady’s daughter could probably take this loser.

Anyway, I heard about it last week and it wasn’t really getting any publicity beyond Patriots fans on Twitter. Reimer went on some show that nobody was listening to and tried to play the role of the anti-Pats, anti-Brady guy like usual (he’s not good at it like some are, he just comes off as a try-hard). He was looking for attention and boyyyyyy did he get it. When asked about Brady’s new documentary “Tom vs Time” Reimer said it was “fine” but he noted how the first scene of the first episode was “staged” and then proceeded to say that Vivian Brady, who again is 5 years old, was an “annoying little piss ant.”

This pissed me off quite a bit and it seemed to have pissed off a decent amount of other people too. Now, on Monday the whole country has heard about it and the comments have ticked off even Brady haters. This all kind of reached a blowing up point because Brady called in to Kirk and Callahan on WEEI as he does every Monday morning during the Patriots season and he made it known that he had heard what was said about his daughter. Although Kirk Minihane apologized and said he was with Brady in believing Reimer was an idiot, the QB still declined to do the interview and instead just said that he’s respected them and was disappointed because his daughter, or any child doesn’t deserve that.

Brady then said he’d be evaluating whether or not he would continue to come on the station from this point forward and hung up. This would be a huge blow to WEEI or any station no matter what, but it’s even worse because they only have one tie to the Patriots and that is the weekly Brady interview. They had just struck an agreement last week for the interview to remain happening for the next few years and now that all looks in doubt to say the least.

Apparently, Reimer has been suspended and sent home from Minneapolis but frankly the kid needs to get the ax. He’s messed up there more than once and now he’s quite possibly cost his station one of, if not the biggest thing they have. It was an absolutely disgusting display by him (it wasn’t a slip-up you can tell this guy has some weird misplaced anger in him) and it really says a lot about what kind of person he is. He won’t be taken seriously on-air or if he writes from now on. It’s a career-ending mistake, at least in Boston. So it was dumb, yea.

I don’t know who this guy thinks he is, but he sure isn’t well-liked even before this. I’d heard him before and thought he came off very annoying and I’m just guessing most feel that way. You can be a little bit of an asshole if you have clout (he doesn’t) but no amount of that is letting you go against Tom Brady in Boston or letting you bully little girls.

So we’ll see how long this story lasts this week. I know Brady will be asked about it a few times tonight during Media Night but he won’t touch it. He continues to show why he’s a class act and even when he called in today he took the high road.


*I actually heard John Tomase (yea the other guy who hates all Boston fans and yea the guy who lied about the Pats cheating) on EEI today say that Brady should “spare Reimer’s job” and Tomase is no doubt buddies with this guy and defending him. That’s a joke.

*The only guy handling this remotely well is Kirk Minihane (I’m sure Gerry Callahan will too) as he just openly talks about it and blasts Reimer.

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