JuJu Smith-Schuster Takes Picture With Patriots Fan, Flips Off Camera

Man, JuJu really fits in well with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He’s just some diva who thinks his shit doesn’t stink and goes around thinking non stop about the big brother Patriots. I guess Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell taught him well.

This is such a douchey move to throw up a middle finger in a picture with a guy who was a fan of his just because the dude is wearing a Pats jersey. Then he goes and tweets it for a “hey guys look at me please please pleassse” viral moment. It seems like JuJu (what the fuck kinda name is that anyway) lovessss the attention because ever since he had a few good games and “lost his bike” he’s become hyper annoying.

Maybe he should worry about doing more for his team to actually get to this big game rather than just focus on bullshit and act like he’s made it. He won’t though, and being in street clothes at Super Bowl week will be his thing (if he’s lucky to even be relevant in a year or two).

UPDATE: He tweeted afterwards and said he wishes both teams luck. Eat shit buddy.

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