LeBron Seems To Be Sending A Message…

Watch out world, LeBron is sub-instagramming (?) and calling out others in a lame social media post once again! I would think this was about a teammate, but with reports today that Cavs owner Dan Gilbert is running the show when it comes to personnel moves, I’d say it’s likely directed at him.

Maybe LeBron wanted Avery Bradley or something and Gilbert is listening to “The King” anymore. That’s why he’s dropping this line about people needing to stay in their own lane to avoid crashing with him. The thing is, shouldn’t LeBron be doing something more aggressive than just sending hidden messages like a teenage girl? Oh yea, I forgot he doesn’t do anything directly or handle things like a man.

Regardless, I LOVE the Cavs drama. I need it to keep on going for eternity.

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