I’ve Never Heard A City Of Complainers Quite Like Philadelphia


Look, as a Patriots fan, you have to be very used to other people bitching and complaining about a bunch of different things. The whole country loves to whine about New England and how much we win while also throwing around cheating accusations and disparaging remarks. Honestly, I’ve gotten to the point where I love it because it makes beating the piss out of them later that much sweeter.

But holy shit, I don’t think I’ve ever come across a city that cries more than Philadelphia. We are still days away from the actual Super Bowl and I’ve heard more bullshit from them then maybe any other fanbase in this span of time. Of course, we heard Seattle and we heard Atlanta. New York, Indy, Baltimore and Pittsburgh are always getting in the mix. But I don’t know why, I guess I just didn’t expect this out of Philly. I thought we were kind of on a level above that crap because it’s two tough cities that don’t need to act soft. Sadly, Philly might be the lamest of all.

Now to be clear, it hasn’t really been the actual Eagles players, so good for them. They have largely stayed away from the bulletin board material with the exception of one or two small barbs. But the Philadelphia media, fans and former coaches and players are such little babies that they have completely embarrassed themselves. I honestly can’t believe it. I know this was a trash city and a group of people I definitely wanted to see crushed come Sunday night but now it’s on a whole other level.

The cheating shit is so played out and old, yet that’s all these people want to talk about. Ask them for proof and they dodge the question. Come back at them with a reasoned response and they just start to talk louder. It’s sad honestly because I thought I could at least expect some level of respect from one blue collar city to another. Now, they must suffer the same fate that so many (including themselves) have suffered before.

*I could write a blog every hour about some idiot spouting off about the Patriots but I don’t want to so I’ll just say this here. Tony Dungy is a Dobby The House Elf lookin’ idiot. Bart Scott is the biggest loudmouth clown and it’s disgusting that anyone even wastes their time with him. The Philly writer who actually wrote an article about Aaron Hernandez murdering people because he was a Patriot should lose his job. All of the ’01 Rams bitching about cheating this week make no sense and on and on and on….

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