It Looks Like Tom Brady Will Indeed Win The NFL MVP


Ah, I love the internet. There is not much that can be hidden without being spoiled or leaked and these days even the NFL MVP award is not safe. It seems that someone took a picture at media availability today and some sleuth decided to enhance the photo to look at what was on one man’s piece of paper (btw, what was this guy looking for, the gameplan?).

Well that piece of paper ended up being a pre-written speech for Tom Brady to accept the NFL MVP award. That accolade will be given out at the NFL Honors on Saturday night on national television. This would tell me that Brady has definitely won the award because he will not be in attendance the night before the Super Bowl and has probably been informed that he was voted the winner so that he can pre-record a video of him accepting it.

I’m not surprised that Brady has won, he definitely deserved it, but the fact that he’s done this at 40 years old is still amazing. Good for him because he’s deserved this so many times and been passed over but now he gets to officially take home the claim as the league’s most valuable for a third time in his career.

*Does it worry me a little bit that he’s winning this when the league MVP rarely ever wins it all? No. But what about the fact that it’s more fun for Brady to be snubbed and then go show everyone up the next day? Well, there’s something to that I guess.

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