The 30 for 30 About Belichick and Parcells Was Unintentional Comedy At It’s Finest

bill-belichick-bill-parcellsLast night I watched the premier of the ESPN 30 for 30 titled “The Two Bills.” It was awesome for so many reasons and I came away with a totally different thought process then I imagined.

First off, the documentary was about two of the greatest coaches of all time and their odd relationship while working together until now. There was some info I didn’t know and I really found it interesting. But the highlight of the show was not what I believe the makers intended it to be.

I was way too busy just studying these two old men and watching them interact now. I’ve always known that Bill Belichick was one of my favorite people to observe but putting him with the Tuna just pushed it over the edge.

You just can’t help but smile as you watch these two guys waddle around the Giants facility and reminisce on everything. Seeing them in close ups during the storytelling part of the documentary was even better. It was just downright distracting. I couldn’t even really concentrate on listening to what they were saying because I was just so transfixed looking at their weird facial expressions and body language.

We all know what a #footballguy is and these two are literally the epitome of that. They don’t like to talk about drama or emotions or show really any kind of sign of life. They just stare at each other and make very subtle movements. I honestly don’t think they can comprehend why the documentary was even being made.

It was probably my favorite ESPN 30 for 30 that I’ve ever seen and there was just a handful of great moments and quotes coming from it. I’d highly recommend watching if you want to laugh and smile as you watch two old men who don’t do either of those things.

*Bill Belichick being nicknamed “Doom” by the Giants teams he coached is PERFECT.


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