Thoughts On Tom vs Time Episode 3


Episode 3 of Tom vs Time dropped the other day and I have neglected to get my thoughts out just yet. It definitely was the first episode that raised an eyebrow or two but it was also the most entertaining thus far. Here is what we have…

  • We open with a “MATURE CONTENT. This video includes profanity and crude language” banner. Holdddd onto ya butts.
  • We go to the Yellow Stone Club in Montana, where anyone who knows anything knows that Brady loves to spend time in the offseason. There’s a few guys standing around watching a replay of Super Bowl 51 and Julian Edelman is hitting balls in a golf simulator. Just as the Edelman on screen makes the Immaculate Gritception, the real Edelman sees Brady walk in and says he has good news and bad news. Brady wants the bad news first, so Edelman shows him that he broke his driver. Then he says the good news is they won the Super Bowl, as he points to the tv and laughs.
  • So then we get the little opening montage thing and see that Chapter 3 is called “The Social Game.” Interesting.
  • Now we are in Big Sky, Montana on 4th of July weekend. Brady is making a healthy smoothie that surprisingly looks pretty good. He tells Alex Guerrero that it’s “on point.”
  • Now Brady, Edelman and Danny Amendola are out on a field in the middle of the woods running routes. Brady calls everyone “babe,” and then gets on Jules for being lazy. Jules hollers back that he wants to see Brady run routes to which Brady tells him that it’s not his fucking job. I told you, this episode has some naughty words.
  • Then some other unknown clown in the large group is getting on Edelman which kind of annoys me. Shut up, random Tom Brady friend. Then Brady ribs Edelman for trying to cheat him on routes. It’s not actually contentious, but you can tell they are both somewhat annoyed.
  • Brady talks in the background about how this all builds relationships and it’s a lot of hard work when they go out there. Then, he talks about the fun they have and we cut to a little golfing action.
  • Brady makes what looks like a 10 foot putt and goes nuts with Guerrero and two other randos before yelling to the other group and telling them to “suck on that motherfuckers.” Again, his words, not mine.
  • A few things though…Brady wears a golf glove while putting which is very odd. He also wears some weird kinda floppy hat. I guess I gotta differ to him, because he is Tom Brady, but yikes.
  • Then it shows the group having more good old fashioned guy fun as they race around the mountains in dune buggies. Guerrero is riding shotgun with Brady which annoys me for some reason.
  • Then there is more guys being dudes as they go dirt biking off jumps and down trails. But by far the best part was watching them pull a classic move of throwing things off a high place. They stand up on a cliff and just chuck rocks down which is always great fun.
  • More golf and biking is shown before it goes back to Brady talking about how he loves spending time with the boys. There’s some making fun of Edelman for his ESPN Body Issue cover and for some reason the video blurs out the picture of his butt.
  • Now we’ve got more rubbing and massaging from Guerrero as he tells Brady that 40 is just a number. This makes me uncomfortable.
  • There’s a shot of Guerrero in a red, white and blue TB12 tee that is most definitely not on sale. I need that.
  • Edelman comes in and Brady says “pump the brakes” while Jules looks sheepish for some reason. He’s got a fat lip in. Then some Brady friend named Kevin Brady (apparently not related) is shown kind of berating Jules for lifting weights and talking about fast twitch movements. I guess he’s a trainer too?
  • This part RIGHT HERE is the part of the video that I did not like. This Kevin Brady guy is being a condescending asshole and arguing with Edelman about what he should be doing training wise. Guerrero and Brady just watch. Then Brady tells Jules the only reason Edelman lifts is to look good. This starts to get a little too close to the part of the Seth Wickersham story that talked about Brady’s camp putting pressure on other players to do what they say.
  • Amendola comes in and plays middle man, agreeing with Jules and with the Brady guys. It seems like Brady is just ribbing Edelman but part of it seems real and I really hate this whole scene. Let’s stop talking about it.
  • Next scene shows more throwing out on the field in the woods and Brady talks about how these two are the most committed and close with him and that’s why you see the connection on Sundays.
  • He also says they come out here not to “jerk off” for two days, but to put the work in.
  • Now we’re back in Boston with more background noise of talking heads doubting the Pats. The Edelman injury is talked about and then we jump forward to around Halloween.
  • The most relatable thing I’ve seen thus far is this next part where Brady is talking about the upcoming schedule and projecting wins. We all do that, but in public the Pats say they take it one game at a time. I love seeing Brady in private counting out wins over the Jets and Chargers etc.
  • During this scene when Guerrero is doing more massaging of Brady on the training table at his house, Brady’s son Jack walks in asking if he can check his fantasy team (does this kid not have a phone?) and Brady asks what he gets out of it. Jack comes over and gives him a little kiss on the lips and this has caused quite the stir.
  • Brady tells his son that it was just a peck before Jack comes back and gives him another kiss. On the lips. Okay, stop. When I saw this, I’ll admit I was immediately thinking it was odd. But for some reason today the internet caught up and started roasting Brady for it. It’s not THAT bad. Maybe a little odd but some families do this. It’s probably a Brazilian thing from Gisele. Idk, let’s move on.
  • Jack talks about his fantasy team and Brady asks him what is going on in the games. This must be a Sunday that the Pats had off. Jack says Tyrod Taylor is hurt which draws Brady’s interest but then he clarifies that he is only shaken up.
  • It now moves to the next few games that they obviously win. Brady talks in the background about leading through positivity. This is the first time we see the Pats getting on a roll and hear the “experts” praising them.
  • The last part is Brady sitting on his couch talking about being 6-2 heading into the bye and holding his daughter. Shout out to Alex Reimer, that friggin’ piss ant.

Episode 4 Recap coming tomorrow…


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