Tom vs Time Episode 4 Thoughts


Tom vs Time Episode 4 was out yesterday, so let’s get to what it entailed…

  • This episode was called “The Emotional Game” so I think we all knew that it would be about his family, specifically his mother.
  • It starts in January 2011 with Gisele taking a video of a long-haired Brady. He’s upset about “that stupid football game last night” which I take to mean the loss to the Jets in the Divisional Round. He then says that “this little squirt helps me out though” and Gisele pans the camera over to one of Brady’s kids. Cool to see what Tom is doing after a very frustrating loss and how it effects him.
  • Montage time. Then we go to China this past summer where Brady’s son Jack is videotaping him now as they head up the lift to the Great Wall. Brady then talks in the background about his trip with Jack and how awesome an experience it was. It’s pretty cool to see that father-son bond for them. It shows them doing all sorts of things like playing catch, sumo-wrestling etc.
  • There’s a lot of video of Brady’s trip and he’s talking about how he wants to be there more his kids. Then they land in Tom’s hometown of San Mateo, California. They are shown with Brady’s mom as they share pictures and videos from the trip.
  • Tom Sr. shows off all of his mementos from Tom’s career such as Super Bowl confetti from a few of the different wins. Then a few shots of Brady as a kid and a younger man.
  • Now we’re getting into the emotional stuff about Tom and his parents. It goes into Tom’s mom’s illness and how they dealt with it and won for her last year.
  • You can totally tell how much family means to them and how much Brady wanted last year’s win maybe more than any other.
  • We now see Brady Facetiming with Robert Kraft at his parents house. He hands the phone to his mom and Kraft tells her about how she will be getting a Super Bowl ring for being an inspiration. It’s a pretty cool moment to be honest.
  • There’s not much to laugh at in this episode because it’s really a lot more serious.
  • Now we switch to old videos and pictures of Tom and Gisele with their kids. Tom talks about how he used to think he wouldn’t start a family until he was done playing. Sounds like he wanted to go the Jeter Route, but he got Bridget Moynihan pregnant haha.
  • This is our first part of Gisele really being shown in the series.
  • Now we’ve got Brady’s younger son Ben sitting with him as he watches film and he acts interested for a bit before turning his attention to what he is really interested in. He tells Brady that he wants a Ninjago or whatever toy from Toys R Us and I immediately remember finding roundabout ways to ask my parents for things just like that.
  • Now we’re at Week 12, right after Thanksgiving and the Pats are hosting the Dolphins. His whole family seems to be in attendance as they get the win. He also acknowledges that there are people that “live and die with the way that we play.” I think he’s talking about me.
  • Now Brady is driving home with all of his kids and Gisele. It’s a happier drive home than what we’ve seen already in the doc.
  • When he gets home he’s talking to his daughter and she’s saying “sometimes the Dolphins win and sometimes the Patriots win.” Sorry, that’s incorrect. Then she says she hopes the Dolphins win one time to which Brady says no. Love it.
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