Lane Johnson May Have Won The Super Bowl, But He Is A Loser

So I’ve taken a week off the blog after that absolute debacle of a Super Bowl. I wanted to write last week and I had a ton to say, but I wanted to think clearly first. I was kind of imposing a little bit of a ban on myself because I was in such a shitty mood. The shitty mood remains, but it’s time to speak.

I had actually written a blog and posted it late night after the game. It wasn’t that bad but it was my drunk thoughts on a shit game and I just decided I’d rather delete it the next day because I was trying to make sense of everything first. It was too emotional (I also got booted from Twitter for 24 hours for chirping at some random political guy. I don’t even know what he said tbh. It was not a great night).

Anyway, I’m back now with a blog about the one topic I’ve felt strongest about in the last week. Lane Johnson is a roided’ out LOSER. Okay, okay too emotional again.

But for real, Lane Johnson really went on Pardon My Take last week and bashed the Patriots saying they are “a fear based organization” and they “act like dickheads.” He went on to say that no one who plays for them has fun (ahh the old Bart Scott take) and that he’d rather have fun and win once than win 5 times and not have fun.

All I can do is laugh. You just simply cannot have made a dumber statement. Fun is more important than winning? Wow, you sure would make a great little league baseball coach. I dare that guy to stand up in the locker room after a loss and say, “Well boys, at least we can say what we want in the media!” I couldn’t want a player on my favorite team less than this clown.

What an ignorant prick this guy is. I mean, not that you couldn’t tell that before hand, just do a quick google search of this guy and you’ll be amazed at the level of douchiness one can achieve. But seriously? You’re so concerned about fun that you’d rather be buddy buddy with everyone and lose? Good, I’m glad that’s the way you are.

All that tells me is that this team will not be back. Enjoy your one championship Philly because your guys are all set. They’ll get complacent and they’ll fall off. If anyone challenges Lane Johnson he’ll just tell them to lay off and stop acting so serious. Dude couldn’t hack it here in Foxboro ever. He’s got a loser mentality and this is his one moment of notoriety. Next year, the Pats will be back in the big game and probably the year after. They’ll be winning and it’ll be fun as hell.

*Johnson also called Brady a dickhead for his TB12 method. Dude, you are a KNOWN steroids user. You’ve been caught TWICE. You’re the fakest of the fake and that shit will break you down and put you outta the league around the time that Brady is stomping out another team that thinks they’re hot for his 7th title.

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