Giants Fans Should Be Worried About Odell Beckham’s Love For TB12

Odell Beckham has shown a ton of love to Tom Brady in the past couple of years and I’ve largely just brushed it aside. At this point though, I think we need to take a look at this brewing bromance and wonder if Odell wants to make a move to New England to play with the GOAT.

Beckham is constantly posting about Brady or commenting on his stuff and now Tom is actually reaching back out and…finishing his sentences. With the emoji of a trophy! I’m not detective but I’d say it stands to reason that this means Odell is gonna pull another stunt on the Giants to get them to ship him off. It’s pretty much a certainty.

So from the jersey swap a couple years ago until now, I think I actually have to start liking Odell. Heck, I need to be prepared for when he gets here. I’m headed to NFL Shop dot com right now to customize my jersey. Sorry Giants fans, Eli can’t keep his man on lock it seems!

*How jealous is Julian Edelman of this? He’s at home hyperventilating and calling Brady’s cell phone repeatedly as we speak.

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