LeBron May Be Back In Charge In The East, But He’s Still Taking L’s With His Hair

Look, I don’t care that LeBron is feeling real good right now and everyone in the world is back on the Cavs hype train. Smile and laugh as much as you want big fella because there is one thing that will remain to embarass you at every turn and that is that disgusting head of hair.

Get those plugs fixed Bron! We know you’re rich enough. You can’t be seen on national tv looking like one of the wet bandits after her gets his head blow torched in Home Alone. SHEEEESH.

When I saw that in HD in my living room I audibly gasped. Not because I’m surprised by LeBron having hair issues, but because it’s not at a totally different part of his head. At first it was always that front of his hairline that we laughed at. That thing was jumping back outta the way like it was trying to avoid getting hit by a bus. He wore the headband for so long to cover it and then finally just decided to do something about it. That’s not the issue btw because I would totally fix it as well.

But it looks like his plugs didn’t take. They are still falling out and at this point LeBron needs to clean it up. No one wants to see that big ass spot staring at them on a Sunday afternoon. Either fix it completely or shave it completely. C’mon LeBron, be better.

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