I’m Sick Of Patriots Fans Who Say The Super Bowl Didn’t Hurt Because “We’ve Won 5”

Over the past week and a half I have heard a lot of talk about what exactly happened in Super Bowl 52 and one thing has really, really bothered me. There has been quite a few people brushing off the loss by saying “we’ve won 5.”

That makes little to no sense. Just because we’ve won means you just are apathetic to the team? Why do you watch then? Honestly, have you gone that soft? It sounds like you oughta be buddies with Lane Johnson.

I’m so proud of being a Boston sports fan because there is no one like us. We care too much and we shout about losses and gloat over wins. It doesn’t matter how many times we win either because we enjoy seeing others fall more than we even enjoy the rise. We’ll always be pouring our heart into it and motherfucking the team or the coach if they screw up. We’ll always be a little too negative but it’s because we care. Being positive about sports after a loss is impossible here and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Last year after they won I said they had done enough and I wouldn’t be pissed at them for coming up short the next year because they owed me nothing. That’s true, this is all gravy at this point but that still doesn’t mean I don’t care. As soon as the game gets going I revert back to my old self and if we fall on our face I’m angry. So for people who aren’t ticked off about the Butler situation and are just like yea, congrats Philly, you need to take a little look in the mirror.

Why are you broken? Will you just never enjoy sports the same way? Is Patriot fatigue a real thing? If it is, I’m glad I don’t have it. If anything, this loss made me hungrier. It made me want to win that much more to try to bury it. But it’ll also never be buried completely. It’s going to always lurk over the shoulder and make me go “why the hell wasn’t Butler in the game?!” I’m glad I have that though. Even if it somewhat sucks and drains you at times, at least there are feelings and when you win it’s so much better. Everyone who says “we’ve won 5” can’t pretend to be excited when we win 6.

*I actually think once the Brady run is over, I might finally get to that toned down, comfortable level. I hope not. But we’ll see.

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