I Love That Rondo Chirped IT About The Tribute Video To His Face

Sorry if this offends, but I don’t spend my time watching Lakers-Pelicans games. So last night, when my buddy texted a group chat and said Rondo and Isaiah Thomas had gotta in a scuffle and been ejected, I hadn’t seen it but I knew what caused it.

Rajon Rondo is one of those old school NBA players in that he isn’t looking for anyone to like him. He just goes about his business, tries to win and if you get in his way he’ll break your face. But he’s also got the shit talking thing on lock like almost no one else. So I knew immediately that Rondo had chirped IT about Boston and the whole tribute video thing. I didn’t think we’d actually find out though.

Now IT comes out today and confirms that Rondo was getting on him about that and I legitimately laughed out loud. IT is acting like he doesn’t get it and saying Rondo has some issue but the issue is really him. Rondo just thinks he’s soft and knew he could get under his skin by talking about how he isn’t anything to Boston compared to him.

Rondo made a snide comment about IT not deserving a tribute video a while back, but it was through the media and that’s all you see these days from most players. They are all passive aggressive and fake. I call it, the LeBron culture. But Rondo learned from the KG culture and you know that means he’s gonna say what he wants right to you at the first chance he gets. I really couldn’t love it more.

*To be clear, I love both of these guys. But IT needed someone to tell him he sucks because he’s honestly way too entitled. Rondo will always take the cake over him for several reasons. I miss that asshole.

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