Odell Beckham’s Love For Tom Brady Keeps On Growing

Just last week I wrote about the growing bromance between Odell Beckham Jr. and Tom Brady. Then, over the weekend I was mindlessly rolling through Instagram stories and stumbled upon this…

Yup, that’s Odell posting a picture of a (bedazzled?) Tom Brady sweatshirt. Is he really rocking this? He had this shit made? Wild stuff.

Here and there you get those hardos who say that wearing jerseys are for kids or “wearing another dude’s name on your back is gay.” I don’t have to tell you how idiotic and downright ignorant that sounds. But I would love to see someone say that to Odell.

The reason this is odd, is because if he’s wearing this shit around town, it’s Patriots colors. He’s a New York Giant. If I was a Giants fan I’d be seriously asking what the hell Beckham is doing here. He’s either painfully unaware of how this looks, or is trying very hard to sabotage his Giants career.

As a Pats fan, I love it. Let’s get Odell here in New England to win a ring or two. Idc that his big toe is shorter than all the others, he’ll fit in great!

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