Surprise, Surprise LeBron Isn’t For Playoff Reform

Recently, NBA commish Adam Silver floated in his alien spaceship the idea of changing how the league determines who gets into the playoffs. Over the last oh, I don’t know, ten years or so, the Eastern Conference has been crap compared to their counterparts out West. This has led to a lot of complaints about how worse teams end up in the playoffs because the lower seeded teams in the East are getting in over better teams in the West.

It’s a problem that occurs in a lot of sports, as we’ve seen too many leagues have division winners or wild cards rewarded instead of just the best overall records. This leads to 7-9 Tennessee Titans squads getting shit on in a playoff game.

So anyway, Silver said the NBA might do the right thing and get rid of conferences so that just the best 16 teams can end up in the postseason. Most people love this idea and know it would make for a more entertaining product. There really isn’t any downside to this, but I knew one guy would HATE this idea.

Sure enough, he did. LeBron James spoke out against Silver’s idea because OF COURSE. LeBron has benefited the most from this imbalance of power as it has allowed him to roll over weaker opponents and get to the Finals every year for the last like 8. He knows if he had to go through the West, he’d have a bunch of trouble, and we all know LeBron loves the easy way out.

James is usually a pretty forward thinker and is all about making the game better. In this case, where it hurts him, he wants to stick to tradition and “not get too crazy.” I’d love for a reporter to challenge him and tell him to give a good reason why this would be a bad thing. Nonetheless this was the most predictable LeBron opinion of all time.

*I’d love to see Bron’s take if he leaves the East to join the Rockets or something. I bet it’d change. Just a hunch.

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