The Mets Would Be Dumb Not To Let Tebow Reach The Majors

First off, let me start by saying that I honestly forgot Tim Tebow was still doing this baseball thing. I just figured it was a stunt (it still kinda is) that he’d bail on after the whole thing got stale. Well no, Tim is still grinding it out and he’s back for another season with the Mets organization.

He’s still making headlines too, of course. There’s been a lot of talk about him so far this spring and I guess some of that has to do with the fact that the Mets have nothing better to talk about. Anyway, I don’t understand why they don’t just bring him up to the bigs this year. Not right away, but maybe in like August when they are clearly not contending and the fans are bored.

I mean c’mon, that is the reason they signed him right? They never thought he’d actually have the talent to earn a big league spot, but they wanted the publicity and jersey sales. So just go ahead and do it this year. Yea, it sucks because he takes the spot of a guy who actually deserves it, but he’s kind of already doing that anyway.

Are you worried that it’s a move that takes away the credibility of the Mets? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA hold on wait, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Okay, sorry.

Yea, a lot of the fans will be pissed and the coaches and players will be insulted but whatever. Just get him up there, have the Tebowmania for like 2 weeks and then he can walk away and say he “did it.” Maybe we’ll even get a miracle and he’ll run into a fastball and deposit it in the bleachers. It’ll be the most magical moment for this team all season.

*For as awkward as Tebow looks throwing a football, he looks ten times more goofy on a baseball field.

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