I Couldn’t Be Less Interested In The Winter Olympics

Look, I can’t even tell you how long the winter olympics have been going on. I couldn’t tell you how long they are going to last. All I know is that I am not interested at all.

Maybe it’s the fact that there is no NHL players competing in hockey. I’d say that has something to do with it, yea. There just aren’t any stars in the winter. There are no must-watch events or marquee names. It’s not the summer with Phelps or Lochte or USA basketball. It’s just something that is on tv.

I will flip over for 5 minutes if there is nothing on, but I’m barely paying attention. It was cool to see the half pipe and the curling, but only for a quick look. I just don’t care. It’s just kind of on. Sorry, but I can’t get hyped about women’s hockey or the biathlon. I really don’t understand anyone that can to be honest. Too bad.

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