Anyone Thinking The Pats Should Get Rid Of Brandin Cooks Is Outside Of Their Mind

Boston is a football town. It may not have always been, but it sure has been for a while now. No matter what is going on with the other teams, we have to talk about the Patriots. This is literally the most dead time of the year for the NFL and yet, everywhere I turn I still see more Patriots coverage than anything else.

I’m not necessarily complaining because I love football and the Pats are by far my favorite out of the 4 teams in New England. But when we’re just talking about nonsense in the offseason because that’s all there is, sometimes it can get out of hand. That’s what is happening with Brandin Cooks.

Look, I know that Cooks had CRAZY high expectations this year. I honestly think some people thought he was gonna be Randy Moss, which is astoundingly dumb. I also know Cooks left a bad taste in everyone’s mouths with a few decisions he made in the Super Bowl loss. But let’s stop acting like he’s not a great piece of this team and should be for years to come.

Ben Volin (I roll my eyes just saying his name) of the Boston Globe (another eye roll) wrote a piece recently basically bashing Cooks for literally everything. He actually said that the Pats should RELEASE him. Yep, release the twenty-three year old wideout that you gave up a 1st round pick for just last year. The guy who’s racked up over 1,000 yards in each of the past 3 years. One of the most explosive offensive weapons out there.

The worst part? There’s actually other people out there who are going along with this and saying getting rid of Cooks is a good idea. Now most are saying by way of a trade, but still. They actually want to throw this guy out the window after one year. He had a good year! Brady and Belichick LOVED him. He’s by all accounts a very hard worker who keeps his mouth shut and does his job. With the uncertainty surrounding the rest of Brady’s pass catchers, why would they unload a guy who has earned the QB’s trust?

I’m honestly angry about this. It’s so dumb. I know the whole argument about his contract and how he doesn’t fight through defenders and disappears on 3rd down and blahblahblahahblahhh. We didn’t bring him here thinking he was a guy to go over the middle! He’s an outside the numbers burnerrrr. And again, he’s so young and he’s not a finished product yet. Giving up on him would be a major mistake and people are either being too negative or just really overthinking this.


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