Gronk Really Needs To Knock It Off With This Whole Wrestling Thing

Yesterday I wrote about one of the most annoying offseason storylines for the Patriots and that was the whole notion that the team should get rid of Brandin Cooks. The other storyline that’s been bugging me, and probably everyone, is this whole Rob Gronkowski retirement saga.

I’ve been saying the whole time that this is a ploy from Gronk and his camp to get his contract restructured, and I still believe that. There’s probably a part of him that is interested in the off field stuff like becoming a pro wrestler or a movie star and he certainly is getting sick of the toll football is taking on his body. But I don’t think he’s actually ready to call it quits despite all the signs he’s putting out there to the contrary.

That’s why I’m starting to get pissed off. Every tweet from Gronk about wrestling is now super annoying. Stop with the fake, calculated bullshit. I understand you want a new deal and you honestly probably deserve one, but just let all that play out with the team behind the scenes. No one needs the social media posts and you just fueling the drama. Keep it in house because ultimately, if your looking for the fans to start an uproar to get you re-signed, you’ve got the wrong organization to try to leverage that against. Bill isn’t folding to a bunch of idiots with shamrock tattoos and he definitely doesn’t care what the media says.

So we need this shit to stop. Honestly, we need a decision. Give us some clarity or some resolution because I want to move on from this. The social media crap is just petty and dumb and if you weren’t such a freak on the field I’d say the Pats should tell you to screw. Sadly, there are two sides to Gronk and this is the shitty one. I agree he has a right to get paid and should be, but let’s go about this another way.

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