Philly Fans Are Really Feelin’ Themselves, Think They Can Actually Get LeBron

After losing the Super Bowl to a Philadelphia team, this may come off as sour grapes. It is not, because I firmly believe that the people of Philly are getting a little carried away. They are a bit too far out over their skis. Especially now with the fact that they are buying into LeBron James becoming a Sixer.

Sure, Philly toppled the goliath and won a championship. Then they went on a crazy run of sports dominance between the Sixers and Flyers and they’ve gotten just a bit too cocky. Some of them are already crowing themselves the city of champions. That’s cute.

I think they’ve forgotten that sustained runs of success only happen with certain fan bases and theirs is CERTAINLY not one. This is a flash in the pan that means next to nothing. The Phillies will get ripped apart all year long, the Flyers aren’t going anywhere, the Sixers have like a million guys that are injuries in waiting and the Eagles will not make the playoffs next year.

Yet somehow, they are so confident that their luck has changed forever. They honestly are talking themselves into LeBron leaving Cleveland but STAYING in the East with a team that could crumble at a moment’s notice. I think they need to pump the brakes.

Have fun reading into random reports of LeBron doing this or saying that. Put up your billboards and customize your James jerseys. It ain’t happening. You are still Philadelphia and you still are a bunch of losers at heart.

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