Let’s stop with this Lakers myth

All I have heard for the longest time is this narrative that “It’s only a matter of time until the Lakers get their franchise free agent” Can I ask where this comes from? The Lakers have not signed a franchise player since Shaq in 1996, so its been 22 years since a big-time free agent decided to don the Purple and Gold. People often forget Pau Gasol, Dwight Howard, and Steve Nash were all acquired via trade by the Lakers.

Furthermore other than the nice sunny weather, and the glamour of living in Los Angeles what do the Lakers have to offer right now? They just traded half of their young group to the Cleveland Cavaliers at the trade deadline sending Larry Nance Jr and Jordan Clarkson to the Cavs for Isaiah Thomas and Channing Fyre. Thomas is a big reason why the Lakers have taken off since the All-Star break he’s a free agent after the year, and there’s no shot the Lakers re-sign him. Only Lonzo Ball and Julius Randle (who is a restricted free agent) remain in the Lakers young core of talent.

People also don’t remember this in the 2015 summer the Lakers requested meetings with free agents Demar DeRozan and Kevin Love who are both from LA. Both turned them down and choose to return to Toronto and Cleveland respectively. So I don’t get why people talk about it like this when it’s been 22 years since the Lakers got a franchise free agent.

Magic Johnson can recruot and tamper all he wants, but let’s stop it with this Los Angeles Lakers myth, they’re not landing LeBron James.

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