Wait, Bumble Is The Jersey Sponsor For The Los Angeles Clippers?

Last night, I was doing my usual mindless perusing of my cell phone when I came across the Los Angeles Clippers Snapchat story. I don’t follow them, I just like to look at all the somewhat interesting ones now that Snapchat’s new layout sucks lets you.

When I was taking a look at the Clippers new jerseys (they are fire btw), I noticed that they were using a hashtag called #StrongerWithHer. I had zero idea what this was about and actually intended to investigate today. If I had turned my sound on, I would’ve heard it was about the new partnership the Clippers have with the cell phone dating app, Bumble. Also, I mentioned this was mindless perusing and that is why I didn’t even notice the Bumble patch as I flipped through the story rather quickly. I just went back and checked it out and it couldn’t have been more in my face.

Anyway, I know very little about Bumble. I was on Tinder like all the kids back in the day, but Bumble came around like right after I met my girlfriend (lame, I know). The only info I have on Bumble is that it’s just the same thing as Tinder except that the girls have to contact the guys first. Interesting, a virtual Sadie Hawkins dance.

So when I saw that Bumble was the new jersey sponsor of the Clippers I had a few reactions. They went like this…

  2. Steve Ballmer is a nut.
  4. There’s some kind of joke here about LA, a Clippers player and a Kardashian but I can’t put it together.
  5. What does it take to sponsor a team’s jersey? How rich is Bumble?

Anyway, I went to research this a bit and found the funniest part of this whole story. I clicked on a tweet from the Clippers account that said “This partnership is more than a patch. Proud to stand with Bumble for diversity and gender equality. We are #StrongerWithHer.”

Well, I found the hashtag and it has something to do with women’s empowerment and diversity and Bumble all at the same time? What? Bumble is an app where girls go to have one-night stands with guys they do not know. Why are we talking about all this other mumbo jumbo?

So anyway, I dug a little deeper. The tweet said, “for more info, please visit:” with a link to the Clippers website. I sure did require more info, so I clicked. Anyway, it took me to a page with wayyyyy too many words but I skimmed it and came away with a few things. First, they are calling the bumble patch an “Empowerment Badge.” Okay, interesting. Second, they are saying Bumble is “female first.” Yea, if you mean they are the first ones asking where to meet up. They also described this whole thing as a “groundbreaking deal to advance workplace equality.” That’s a really funny thing to call this, I’d say.

Unless I am grossly mistaken, and again I have never used Bumble so I guess I could be, this was the most hilarious press release of all time. Some company used by people just looking to hook up is trying to advertise in the NBA and disguising it as some serious movement. What a world.

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