Aaron Judge Says He Is #Done With The Home Run Derby


Honestly, when I saw that Aaron Judge was proclaiming himself as a one-and-done with the home run derby, my initial, instinctual take was to hate on him. I could’ve ripped him apart and said that he wasn’t competitive enough and was just scared to lose and just made the usual argument I would make about any Yankee.

BUT, I have to be real here. I’m 100% on board with Judge doing this and it really comes from an entertainment standpoint for me. We saw Judge go out there last season and launch balls all over the yard on his way to a home run derby victory as a larger than life superstar ROOKIE. It might have been one of, if not the most entertaining derby I’ve seen. It was awesome, and I want to remember him like that, as a derby legend.

The derby definitely messed with Judge a little bit in the second half as he went ice-cold until he got back on track and tore it up in September and October. He doesn’t want to do that again, especially when his team is now expecting to be a serious World Series contender. So go out on top. Never do the event again. You can walk out saying you dominated and you would dominate again, but you’re more concerned with being there for your team. That’s the best way to do this whole thing.

It would suck to see him come back and kind of ruin last year a bit by sucking this year. I mean, it’s weird because as a Red Sox fan I should want to be entertained by him falling flat on his face in the derby and then ruining his swing for the rest of the season. The baseball fan in me though wants to see Judge do well. He seems like a great guy in every interview I’ve seen and although I hate how much the media fawns over him, he’s awesome for baseball.

These days the contests like the derby and the slam dunk are very disappointing. There seem to be fewer legendary performances and I’d just like Judge to walk away as one of the guys you think of when you think of the event. Again, to go a little bit against myself as a Red Sox fan, David Ortiz is not remembered as a legend of the derby in my eyes. He won one, but I think the other times he tried kind of watered it down. So walk out on top big fella’ and don’t be tempted to go back.

*In all reality, he’s going to take a while off and then he’ll do it again. He’ll be in the league too long to not succumb to the pressure the fans will hit him with for another show.

*At least he did it once and came out with a victory. LeBron can’t even do the dunk contest because he truly is scared to lose. (Sorry, had to get a LeBron jab in.)

* If this was Mike Stanton I would’ve called him a pansy.

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  1. It’s Giancarlo Stanton, not Mike. Don’t be a racist little punk like when they called Roberto Clemente, “Bob.”


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