Jarvis Landry Just Made The Browns…Interesting?

Indianapolis Colts v Miami Dolphins

What a crazy last few days in the NFL it has been. It’s only going to get wilder from here on out, so I’m excited that football is back into the conversation (like it every really left).

Anyway, about an hour ago Adam Schefter reported that Miami Dolphins slot receiver Jarvis Landry was on his way to the Cleveland Browns for a pair of draft picks. If you don’t recall, Landry was hit with the franchise tag earlier this offseason and it looked like he might be staying in Miami. There was always the outside shot he was going to be a tag-and-trade, but I actually didn’t see this coming.

So Landry going to the Browns makes them an interesting team right now. I stayed away from saying relevant because they still aren’t. One good wideout added to a team that went 0-16 doesn’t suddenly make them something. BUT, he does add intrigue because of what this could bring for Cleveland down the road.

This offseason has really been all about Kirk Cousins and where he will go, at least that’s how I see it. Cousins seems to have narrowed his list of teams down and the Browns aren’t on it, but this move for Landry might change his mind. With Landry and Josh Gordon as his primary targets and other possible moves on the horizon, Cousins would be foolish not to consider it.

Again, I know this is Cleveland. It feels weird to say they could be building toward something because my brain literally can’t comprehend that. I have never in my life seen a good or really even decent Browns team and the way their franchise has been run has been comically bad. Above all that, they might be one of those loser franchises that will just curse any player that goes there. We’ll certainly be able to test that out if they make a bunch of big moves and they don’t pay off.

I’ve been saying that they needed to make moves for real, established players rather than continuing to rely on the draft and their ability to make a player using their system. So I love this move for Landry and if they go get Cousins I’ll love that move as well. Obviously, you have to use some of your draft picks and if they keep all of their first rounders at least one should go towards getting Saquon Barkley.

Meanwhile, they only dealt lower level picks to get Landry as Schefty says neither are for Rounds 1 or 2. So that’s a pick in 2018 and 2019 somewhere between rounds 3 and 7. Not a bad trade and definitely one that the old Browns wouldn’t have made happen. You don’t want to be like the old Browns. Do something else.

Now Landry is happy to be in Cleveland (really) because they’ll re-work his deal and he’ll be even happier if big names follow. Let’s see how the Browns can screw this up.

UPDATE: Literally right after I published this, the Browns traded for Tyrod Taylor and Damarious Randall. That’s a pretty good QB and pretty good CB. Not in love with either move but wow, they are doing something here.

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