Your Bracket Is Going To Suck

Sorry for being rude, but your bracket is going to suck. So is mine, so this isn’t some kind of condescending blog about how you know nothing and I know everything. But your bracket is going to suck and this is just your yearly reminder.

Fill one out. Never be the guy that doesn’t get in the pool at your office or with your friends or family. You’ve always gotta get involved. I just want to tell you that it’s going to suck. That’s kinda part of the fun.

Nothing beats getting your hopes up this week and keeping them high right into Thursday. But you’ll get beaten down almost immediately. Hell, I won one of my pools last year and I still thought my bracket was shitty. So I do have one key to making things a little less frustrating if possible.

Don’t research. Just fill it out. Use your first instinct on every pick. Just don’t over think it. It even works out nicely if you don’t know a whole lot about most of the teams. I would say I know a decent amount, but I’m in a good spot where I don’t think I know too much. I literally just filled out my bracket and didn’t hesitate. Right after I did it I wanted to go back and analyze it, but I’m gonna let it fly. That way, I won’t be cursing a pick I changed when it blows up in my face.

One last time, this blog isn’t to tell you that you suck at gambling or have no knowledge of college basketball. You do probably suck at gambling but literally everyone does. This may be your year, and that’s why this is all so fun. So get pumped, enjoy the games and go nuts when your bracket is busted. Because it will be. God, I love March Madness.

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