Joe Thomas Sees Browns Improve, Decides To Retire


I’m going to go ahead and call this a good offseason for the Browns. I’m not over the moon about the Tyrod move, but whatever they’ve definitely done way more and improved more than any Browns team I’ve ever seen. So naturally, as things are on the up and up, Browns legend Joe Thomas decides to call it quits.

Is Joe Thomas scared of change? He’s just so used to losing and comfortable with it that he saw the Browns becoming competent and decided he didn’t know how to deal with that? This isn’t me calling Joe Thomas a loser, because he’s not (well actually, he kind of is since he’s never won but ah well). This is just me saying Thomas has been pyschologically beaten down by his team to the point where he just can’t even fathom what’s happening right now.

OR maybe he’s on to something here. He knows that all this good only means it’s going to blow up in an epic, catastrophic way. He doesn’t want to be there for that. Yikes, that’s a nightmare just even thinking about it! So Joe decided he was going to wipe his hands of all of it and move on to life after football. Good luck Joe, and thanks for the memories of being the only good player on the worst teams ever!

*Seriously though, Joe Thomas is cool as shit. Wish he got an opportunity to win…in New England.

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