Tom Brady Chugging Beer Has Been The Highlight Of The Offseason

The Late Show with Stephen ColbertSo this is a couple days old now, but I still wanted to talk about it real quick. Tom Brady had a big Monday as he dropped Episode 6 of “Tom vs. Time” (review to come later) and then showed up on Good Morning America and Stephen Colbert’s late night show. I guess this was to promote the book and the documentary? Idk, and I don’t really care because seeing Tom make appearances during the offseason brightens up what has been a dark winter so far.

I was all ready to go on Monday as I set the DVR for both shows and watched Tom vs Time while I ate lunch. When I came home, I noticed that a clip of the appearance on Colbert had been leaked and guess what? It was Brady chugging a beer.

We’ve heard stories about a young TB12 having chugging competitions with the linemen back in the day and smoking all of them. Those were always cool to hear about, but we never actually had any proof. That finally came and it was honestly better than I expected. Take a look…

I mean, come on. I actually let out a yell like I was watching him run for a first down as he slammed that thing. The internet went nuts and everyone was impressed with the 40 year old who doesn’t drink still downing an alcoholic beverage like a frat boy.* The one thing I couldn’t get over was how bad I felt for Colbert. I don’t even like that guy, he’s a huge nerd who kissed Brady’s ass the whole time despite probably hating him. But the whole appearance was funny and Colbert was likable for about ten minutes. When Brady slammed that beer, he made Stephen look like more of a nerd than he already is.

You could literally be the coolest person of all time and an alpha male, champion of a beer chugger but next to Brady, you are going to look so, so bad. There was just no way the late night host could look even respectable. We don’t actually know how fast he can drink because Brady was that good and put his down in a gulp. I feel like we should run it back and let Colbert go against a normal human. That’s only fair.

*Not everyone loved the appearance as Brady haters obviously felt the need to pick a part the whole thing. “He looks like he had botox!” “The guy is a kook on the level of Tom Cruise!” “He’s a complete caricature at this point!” and BLAH BLAH BLAH. You’d all take him as your team’s QB and kiss the ground he walks on. The lotion thing was hilarious and the appearance was overall a success. I’m not biased, I swear.

**People were also pointing out how Colbert looked at his producer and switched the drinks. Some said Brady’s wasn’t beer, which is hilarious considering you can tell it is. Colbert’s though? No foam? Yikes, if that was OJ or something his chugging game is TRASH.

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