Does Anyone Else Not Want To See JD Martinez Play The Outfield?


This topic has not come up nearly enough this spring, but I feel like it’s somewhat important to discuss. When JD Martinez was going through the free agency process, he was telling every team that he spoke with about his desire to play the outfield. Apparently, the Red Sox told him that he could do so, and I for one am not excited about the idea.

Martinez is a bad outfielder. The Red Sox have three good to great defenders already out there roaming. Why in the heck do we need this guy to go out there and be a liability? Is it because he’s going to demand it? That sounds like a diva to me and I’m hoping he doesn’t make a stink about it.

The Sox have certainly acted like they are going to let him do this and I’m hoping it’s way less than they are letting on. Sure, he’s basically our fourth outfielder and he can spell a guy who is getting a day off but we don’t need him out there too much just because he thinks he should be.

Just focus on hitting the baseball, big guy. That’s why you got paid and that’s what we are all looking for you to excel at. Whether it’s about wanting to prove the doubters wrong, liking playing the field or wanting to up your value for a future contract, I really do not give a shit. It’s not the best thing for the team, so do what you have to do to win and let’s not let this become a big topic over the course of the next couple of months. Thanks.

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