Opening Day Should Be A National Holiday And So Should These Other Events


Opening Day is on Thursday and for the first time in atleast as long as I can remember, all of the games are on one day. A lot of people are very happy about that for some reason, and while I mostly like it, I enjoyed the defending World Series champs getting a night game to kick off the season. Anyway, I’m extremely excited for baseball to start and to sit down on Opening Day and soak as much of it in as I can. I say “as much as I can” and not “all of it” because I know I won’t be able to get every last drop. See, I have to work as I am sure most of you do too.

This brings me to something that I have said for a long time and I know other people have as well. Opening Day should be a national holiday. We should all have the day off to watch baseball rather than having to go to school or work. In high school I remember always trying to convince my teachers to turn the game on somehow. One time it actually worked with my freshman year biology class, and it was glorious. I shouldn’t have had to do that though, because we all should have been at home with the day off.

Anyway, this made me think about the other days on the sports calendar that should qualify as holidays. Here is my list…

Opening Day of baseball

Pretty much just explained it, but I’ll just reiterate by saying this is AMERICA’S PASTIME! Okay, thanks.

The day after the Super Bowl

This is actually #1. The Super Bowl is always on a Sunday night and everyone is out late watching it. Most of us set ourselves up for a miserable Monday by drinking/eating too much and if your team is in it, win or lose, you’re going to have a long night.

Any day that a United States Olympic Team has a Gold Medal game

Look, it can only happen every two years. Sure, it can happen multiple times during one Olympics but this is about coming together as a nation. We’re in a tough time and what could be a better way for America to unite than all taking a day off to drink and cheer on our country in some obscure sport?

The first two days of March Madness

Again, I know this is a little greedy but I think it makes sense. Heck, I’m willing to trade in some of the fake holidays that we do get off of work for this. No one wants to be at work during the first two days of the NCAA tourney and if you are then you are probably just streaming the game and being unproductive anyway.

The first two days of the Masters

Just copy and paste what I said about the NCAA tourney above.

The day after the College Football or College Basketball (Men’s) National Championship

These games are always played on Monday nights and I honestly feel like there’s been a good amount of times that I’ve watched them at home and stayed sober. That’s no fun. Let’s get the next day off so that we can celebrate or lament winning or losing a lot of money on two teams you rarely know enough about.

Basically what this list comes down to is that we need a day off any time there are special events during the day, or the day after a big event. None of these will ever happen, but I can guarantee you that if Donald Trump or any politician made this stuff a reality, their approval rating would go through the roof.

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