People Forget, Aaron Judge Is Old


Guess what? Aaron Judge is old. Or so I’ve been told. (pretty nice rhyme huh?)

Anyway, Aaron Judge is coming into his second full season with the Yankees and many people are talking about the big slugger. Judge was the AL Rookie of the Year and runner up to the MVP after a historic campaign where he smashed baseballs and records alike. People want to know what he’s going to do to follow that up. Will he regress? Who knows!

What I do know, is that it’s peak “Player X is actually younger than Aaron Judge” SZN. You see, Judge didn’t make it to the majors as quickly as most players do, and at 25 (about to turn 26 in late April), he’s no spring chicken. Right now, players from all over baseball are being analyzed as we prepare for the season and I feel like I’ve heard that a certain player is “actually younger than Judge” about a million times already.

I’m not saying that this information isn’t relevant, because it is. It’s really interesting to realize that a player like say, Xander Bogaerts, who has been around FOREVER, is younger than Judge. I’m just merely pointing out that you’ll hear this quite a bit as baseball season ramps up, so don’t be alarmed when you realize that Judge is really an old geezer who serves very little value over the remaining years of his career.

*In all seriousness, Judge is a hard guy to look at and determine his age if you didn’t know it. While he’s an absolute man-child of a person, he’s got kind of a young looking face and his demeanor seems both mature and playful. What a conundrum. Just glad I know he’s #old.

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