Should Sister Jean Be Allowed To Attend The Final Four? I’m Not So Sure.

March Madness always comes with some great new teams, coaches and storylines. Sometimes, we even get to know a fan. This year that fan is Sister Jean, the Loyola-Chicago team nun (or something religious) who is taking the country by storm.

Sister Jean is a cute old lady in a wheel chair who has sat by the court and cheered on her team all March. It seems like everyone loves her, and I am certainly in that camp as well. She’s an absolute rockstar and seeing her happy has been what sports is really all about.

With all that said, I don’t think her run should still be going. She picked against her team in the Sweet Sixteen! She had no faith, which is basically a sin coming from a person of God. The team proved her wrong and now she just gets to go on like nothing happened and celebrate all up in everyone’s face? I don’t think so. Loyola doesn’t need any fair-weather fans on this runaway train.

At the very least, Sister Jean should be treated like any other fan that gives up on their team. She can watch the game, but she can’t celebrate. No more stuntin’ on the haters for you ma’am. Not today. Send Sister Jean back to campus and she can watch on a small television and clap occasionally. That’s it. No victory lap or screen time for non-believers.

*Technically, as a person of God she probably believes everything can be forgiven and she is completely off the hook. Sorry lady, that’s not how it works in sports.

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