I Want The Record To Show That I’m Doubting Stanton and the Yankees


It’s Opening Day which means it’s the last time to get your #takes out before the season gets underway. The one take that I’ve had all winter and remained steadfast in is that the Yankees are vastly overrated and Mike Stanton will disappoint in his first year in pinstripes.

I feel like I’ve already alluded to it here on the blog, but I wanted to make a firm statement to set the record straight on March 29th. The Yankees have some major, MAJOR question marks and holes in their roster and although I do have them making the playoffs as a Wild Card team, they are not going to be some juggernaut that runs over the league. In fact, the Red Sox are going to be at least 5 games better than them in the standings and will advance past them in October.

Stanton meanwhile, is not going to be anything close to what he was last year. Just because he has immense power and looks like the guy who drops dingers 50-60 times a year, last season was an outlier in his career. He’s going to do his share of damage, but he’ll probably hit the DL at least once and end up striking out at an alarming rate. Pencil him in for about 37 bombs (which is good but not what most are looking for).

I’m just not sold on Luis Severino being a legit ace. CC Sabathia is old. Masahiro Tanka stinks for most of the year. Their lineup has Neil Walker and Brandon Drury in it! Aaron Boone doesn’t strike me as a manager that is going to work (I’m reaching on this one because I have nothing to base that on). The lineup, rotation, bench and bullpen are all either equal to or less than Boston’s. I’m not being biased, I’m just not overreacting to a year in which most of the Yankees played above their heads.

So here is my blog about the Yankees being #notgood. Of course, it’s not such a wild hot take that I’m saying they’ll miss the playoffs but I’m pretty sure they’ll be in danger of it. 88 or 89 wins for this club, which is well short of the expectations that most New Yorkers have. If I’m wrong, come back to me in 6 months. If I’m right, come back sooner.

*My real bold prediction here is that the Yankees are going to trade for Miguel Cabrera mid-year after the injury of Greg Bird. Don’t believe me, just watchhhh.

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