LiAngelo Ball Is Entering The NBA Draft And I Can’t Wait To See LaVar Work His Magic

Vytautas Prienai v Zalgiris Kauno

PRIENAI, LITHUANIA – JANUARY 09: LiAngelo Ball of Vytautas Prienai in action during the match between Vytautas Prienai and Zalgiris Kauno on January 9, 2018 in Prienai, Lithuania. (Photo by Alius Koroliovas/Getty Images)

It was just announced that Lonzo Ball’s shitty younger brother, LiAngelo, is leaving his team in Lithuania and entering this year’s NBA Draft. Soooo, can anyone just enter the NBA Draft? I played basketball growing up and totally suck at it now, can I just say I’m available for a team to pick?

It’s hilarious because LiAngelo is not a prospect at all. He’s just Lonzo’s brother and LaVar’s son and therefore gets talked about. You know what’s going to be amazing? He’s going to get drafted. LaVar has shown that he can just speak anything into existence and this will be his greatest trick.

Anytime now, old LaVar is going to start the full court press on the Lakers and other NBA teams to draft LiAngelo. He’ll push and push and push until someone has heard the kids name so many times that they get Jedi mind-tricked and pick him. Then we’ll finally get to see what it looks like for a regular Joe to go against the best athletes in the world in a real game. I can’t wait.

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