Kemba Walker Is The Most Unappreciated Star In Basketball


So the other night, Kemba Walker became the Charlotte Hornets all time leading scorer. Yep, you read that right. ALL TIME LEADING SCORER. I get that the Hornets haven’t been around forever and haven’t had the most talent over their brief history, but this is still pretty cool. Kemba did this in only his seventh season and people need to start taking more notice of him.

Every now and then Kemba will do something so ridiculous that no one can possibly ignore it and it gets posted all over social media. He’s the king of the step back and breaks ankles on the regular. Whether it’s one single highlight or him just filling up the stat sheet, he gets recognition for a fleeting moment on Twitter and then everyone goes back to forgetting he exists.

Does this have something to do with the team he plays for? Of course. But that’s not really a good enough excuse for me. I just think Kemba is always an underdog. He’ll always be doubted and overlooked no matter what he does. Hell, part of me believes the only reason his record breaking the other night got so much love is because people were focusing in on the team he was playing against, the Cavs, and LeBron.

I guess it’s cool because I’ve always been a huge Kemba guy. I know how it goes with him and I know that it’s almost cooler that he’s so good and no one really knows. But I want him to get noticed and praised like he should. He’s a legit star in the NBA and he’s proving it night in and night out through an exceptional drive and a bunch of hard work.

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